ethic etapes in france

ethic etapes, a uniting and responsible frame of mind

The Ucrif, who then became Ucrif Etapes Jeunes, is now Ethic Etapes. It was created to promote a fresh way of welcoming young people from all around the world, with sharing and exchange as priorities.

Welcoming is a way of life

And it is also a job. The Ethic Etapes teams are well-trained in welcoming groups with a smile ; not only do we welcome you, we are happy to do so !

Everyone has something to say

Every encounter is unique. For you, for us, and for everyone you will meet here.

A community life, what for ?

Ethic Etapes are all non-profit making entities : we do not work for the sole purpose of making money. To get to the point, let us say this doesn’t make orange juice any better, but you will certainly enjoy it in a different way !

World citizens

Approximatly 10 000 strangers visit us every year. Everyone of them is an opportunity to share our differences, and to see how we are all the same, wherever we come from.

Unpredictable moments

You can not imagine what can happen in a single night around a table tennis game, during a surprise party, or while sharing pancakes...

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