Seminaries and meetings

ethic etapes Lac de Maine : 
a perfect work location

Companies, communities and associations can organise their meetings and work seminaries at ethic etapes Lac de Maine, for a total serenity.

A quality site

ethic etapes Lac de Maine is located in a beautiful park, near the city center and easily accessible with its free parking spots... It is an ideal way to work outside the office for a few hours, or a few days.

On site, you will find everything you need : fully-equipped halls and a fitting accommodation, for meals and nights alike.

Unique work surroundings

10 assembly halls, ranging from 8 to 150-people capacity, are available. Every one of them has Wi-Fi access, paperboards, TV, VHS and DVD player, as well as overhead and video projectors.

Individualized answers

Lunch breaks, cocktails and more can also be prepared at your request. For a specific set up (lighting, PA system, etc.), simply contact us.


On a half-day basis, rates range from 80 to 390 euros, depending on which room was reserved. Download our rates :  2024

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ethic etapes a unique work setting for your meetings