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Discover Anjou !

Angers, city of art and history

This town has many ways to seduce you, from the renowed Tapestry of the Apocalypse to notorious locals like medieval poet Joachim du Bellay or sculptor David d’Angers. Learn more : Angers Loire Tourisme

  • Museums and monuments

The castle of Angers and its famous tapestries ; the Beaux-Arts museum ; the Jean Lurçat modern tapestry museum ; the Museum of natural science ; the David d’Angers gallery ; the Saint-Martin collegiate ; the Saint-Maurice cathedral ; the Cointreau museum ; the Slate museum...

  • Other castles near Angers

Castle of Brissac in Brissac-Quincé ; castle of Montgeoffroy in Mazé ; castle of Plessis-Bourré in Ecuillé, and many more...

Anjou’s vineyards

Val de Loire is home to almost 30 AOC (protected appellations of origin), mainly produced in the Anjou-Saumur wineries. They offer a great variety of wines : dry and mellow whites and rosés, reds and small bubbles wines. More than 20 000 acres of vines spread on hillsides and plateaus along the Loire and its tributaries.

Discover the scenic route through the vineyard, a 170 km trip in the middle of gorgeous landscapes. You can also visit the numerous wine cellars along the way. Don’t miss the Vine and Wine musuem in Saint-Lambert-du-Lattay.

The Loire river

The Loire river is a natural guide for discovering the biggest UNESCO World heritage site in France. This strip of land and water dedicates itself to your every desire of discovery and encounters.

A moment of tranquility to share together. Enjoy a bicycle ride, at your own pace, along the banks of the Loire, to visit any one of the numerous heritage sites which are to be found around the royal river (châteaux, gardens).  The routes suggested have been designed to enable you to explore or revisit these treasures in a way that is different, over reasonable distances of 25 to 50 km. (The Loire à vélo)

In the land of cave dwellers

Cave dwelling is a type of habitat dug in the rock. The soft freestone extracted was used as building material. The poorest families used to live in these caves ; during the Dark Ages, a quarter of all local population lived underground.

Nowadays, these dwellings are still used, most notably for conservation (effervescent wines) and mushroom cultivation. Some of them were also converted to bed and breakfast, restaurants, art galleries and even a zoological garden !

The vegetable kingdom in Anjou

Maine-et-Loire is the first horticultural département in France : combining technology and tradition, it asserts itself by the wide range of its productions and the importance given to its research and education centers. The « Rendez-vous du Végétal », between May and October, are a perfect opportunity to meet the people acting in this field. 

Starting spring 2010, Terra Botanica will also feature a wide variety of informations about it. And if you like oriental gardens, you should definitely pay a visit to the Oriental Garden in Maulévrier.

For more informations about tourism in Anjou, please visit the Comité Départemental du tourisme de l’Anjou website.


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